The Beauty of Nature in a Sophisticated Form of Fashion



HIGGIE is a line of handbags, briefcases, wallets and purse bags that utilize environmentally friendly materials.

This unique distinctive and smart looking line of products are made from natural wood material that would otherwise be thrown away following the deforestation of thousands of trees cut down each year.

At a time when our society is getting more and more environmentally conscious, we are committed to manufacturing high-quality fashion accessories out of natural wood material.


  • Natural and sophisticated look perfect for all time’s needs
  • A variety of beautiful textures available to meet everyone's taste
  • Over 19 different woods to choose from in product line
  • Each wood has its own unique look, therefore no two fashion pieces are exactly alike in texture… each one is a work of art.

… All wood materials are …

  • Flexible and durable, crack resistant
  • Water resistant to a large extent
  • UV resistant
  • 100% natural and environmentally friendly


Our company back in Japan recycles leftover lumber from building sites and deforestation efforts. They turn it into natural thin sliced wood sheet, penetrating it with biocompatible natural resin to make the wood itself flexible. We call these wood sheets Tennage. Backing fabric is then attached to make it even more durable. This process eliminates the need for glues and chemicals. Thus, the product is completely environmentally safe. From just one cubic meter of waste lumber, we are able to create five thousand square meters of wood sheets, and turn it into beautiful fashion pieces for people to enjoy for years to come.


HIGGIE present a new brand style; free from one brand image, free from limited designs within one image. HIGGIE brand is designed by many designers with a variety of images. Within HIGGIE brand, a variety of style products are available in different images. Each product lines will be stated as HIGGIE by (a designer name). Common concepts are products made from Tennage.