Tennâge Wood Veneer Sheets

Products made by Tennâge®

The thinnest, most flexible and the World’s only sewable wood veneer, Tennâge®, is used for many products worldwide.

iPhone Case

iPhone case with Tennâge® iPhone case made by Tennâge®. Our partner company in Japan made iPhone case by Tennâge®. It is sold from original brand, “higgie”.

More information of higgie iPhone case

Limited Laptop/Notebook PC from EPSON

Limited Laptop/Notebook PC with Tennâge® Tennâge® is used for special laptop/notebook PC, Endeavor NJ5200Pro, by EPSON JAPAN. This special laptop/notebook PC is produced as the limited model of Endeavor NJ5200Pro for EPSON JAPAN’s 15th anniversary. EPSON direct shop started to sell limited models on November 5th, 2008 in Japan.

New Wireless Phone by SHARP

New Wireless Phone made by Tennâge® Tennage® is used for a new wireless phone, "THE PREMIUM TEXTURE SoftBank823SH" in Japan. The rich color and grain of Ebony wood adds exclusive looks on the cell phone.

MUKU Pendant Light

 MUKU Pendant Light Introducing MUKU Pendant Light!
Simple, yet unique design. It looks like as if a log is glowing from inside. A mysterious atmosphere is created. (This original MUKU pendant light is sold in Japan only.)

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